Imagine you walk into an art gallery. A Picasso hangs on the wall and you love it. You hire an art dealer to acquire the painting. After some negotiating its yours and the thrill of having it is wonderful. Then the painting is delivered to youYou receive a blank canvass and it’s up to you to recreate the Picasso that you fell in love with. That wonderful feeling you had turns into “Oh what have I got myself into?”

That is what buying your first home can be like. You fall in love with how a house is decorated or staged only to walk in the door after buying it and realizthat it is empty. It’s up to you to recreate the home you fell in love with.

I know this concept seems obvious, but when I think back to buying my first home, to some extent I got caught in this. The previous owners of the house had great taste and had the home decorated to the T. Additionally, the landscaping outside was immaculate. 

After moving in, it was clear that if I was going to recreate the home I fell in love with at the showing, I needed all new furniture and the help of a landscaper. (Cincinnati Lawn Services is great if you need a landscaper, by the way.) 

What Comes with the House?

There is an entire section of the purchase contract that deals with this question, so you need to be sure to discuss it with your broker and review it carefully

Generally speaking, however, if it is attached to the house, it comes with it. The couchesarea rugs, TVs, lamps, the dining room table, etc. do not. In your mind, you need to try and strip these things away an envision your things in the home. This requires a great deal of imagination, unless you are looking at a house that is already empty because the seller previously moved out. 

What is with that Carpet?

 On the other side of this issue, maybe the house you are looking at has (what you perceive to be) hideous carpet, terrible paint colors, and other things that upon first glance might turn you off, but outside of those it checks all the boxes. 

In this case, imagination can work again because carpets can be replaced, walls can be repainted, etc. Imagine the space how you would redo it. 

These do come at a cost though. If you are going to buy a house that has “projects,” be sure that you factored that into your budget and that you have done the research to find a qualified person or company to complete the projects to code, on budget, and in a time frame that works for you.

Evoking Your Third Eye

The third eye is a concept that essentially, from my admittedly limited understanding, has to do with perceiving things beyond what you can see and feel. It’s that sentiment that I want first time home buyers to evoke as they walk through prospective properties. 

Look beyond the superficial aspects and see yourself, with your design tastes, and your personal property, living in a space. If you can do thatyou love it, you can afford it, and its someplace you want to be for years to come, then you found your home.